Viddyoze Review – Video Animation Software

Most Advanced Video Marketing Tool

Wherever you look you will see a brand; marketing itself to the fullest. Our world is filled with them and they have become a significant part of our daily lives. They are everywhere; that is why the competition among them is always at a high peak and every single one of them is working hard for recognition. I am going to give a review over the most advanced video marketing tool “Viddyoze”

What is branding?

Branding is the marketing practise in which a company introduces itself in a distinguished way from others. The reason it holds immense importance is that it is a way of making a memorable impression on the target audience and making them choose YOU among the many other fishes in the sea. 

Why is Viddyoze Important?

You must be wondering why I am talking about branding and its importance? I mentioned this because there are a lot of marketing strategies to promote a particular brand but the most significant and popular among those are video marketing.

Video Marketing with Viddyoze templates

Nowadays video is a definite means of making your brand stand out among others and catch people’s eyes. This is not just a statement I am making. According to the facts, 80% of web traffic comes from video watching. Not only that you will be shocked to know that almost 400 videos are being uploaded every minute on Youtube right now!

 Let me add this as well that “videos are the future of marketing” because we are visually wired and tend to remember things that we have seen rather than read. People tend to remember only 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. 

Amazing professional templates

The astonishing aspect of this software is it comes with over 170+ amazing professional templates that you can choose from according to your business. These templates are available in different sizes and styles, covering a wide range of niches. Effective and good-looking animation is a definite plus point. You don’t have to go through the struggle of hiring expensive professional animators anymore.

 Since the Viddyoze took the leverage of going through all the hard work of creating all those professional templates for us so that we don’t have to go through to such an extreme extent of downloading professional and expensive video making software. It also has eliminated all the hardship of learning complex tools in that software. And not mention the time you saved.

 It is also loaded with irresistible animations and transitions. Live-action animations, logo animations, social media platforms animations you name it and it’s in there. Viddyoze didn’t forget to add movie filters too for the young aspiring filmmakers.  

Exclusive Benefit of Video Marketing

Another exclusive benefit of video marketing is that they are easy to digest, it’s really fun to share them and they are extremely engaging. The only catch with video marketing is that it has to be impressive enough to: 

Firstly catch the audience attention; Secondly to maintain that attention that converts. 

Questions Related Viddyoze

I know you are now being bombarded with so many questions for instance: How am I going to make a video? Which software should I download? Where am I going to learn that software? How long will it take for me to master its tool? Which is the best video making software? How long is it going to take me to make one? Do I have to hire a professional for it? How much is it going to cost me? Will it turn out to be a high quality one or impressive enough? And so on.

 I had these many questions too, actually many more and not to mention all the headache but then I came across “Viddyoze Software”.  And my, it was a saviour, a knight in shining armour for me. It will be for you too once I finish telling you ALL ABOUT IT and I am excited to show you this newbie software. 

 Is Viddyoze an App?

This is a web-based application and can be used on any operating system like Windows or Mac. You don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. So there will be no compatible issues in it. Just log in to a web-based dashboard and have fun. 

Is Viddyoze any good?

When it was released then it was very promising in its version 1. And now it’s more improved and advanced Video Animation software. My review of Viddyoze software is very good. I liked the software that’s why I am writing a full review for this Viddyoze tool which makes your life easy. Viddyoze Reviews are going very well so far.

 Since now you seem interested and curious let me introduce you to Viddyoze.

Introduction of “Viddyoze Software”:

 In this era of continuous digital development; just making videos doesn’t cut the chase. Your videos should have everything. The flame, the glamour, consistency, animations, high-quality graphics, quality content and so much more. Simple and basic videos won’t get you far in this drastic environment of competition. 

 This is where a saviour comes in handy “Viddyoze”. I mentioned before that “videos are the future of marketing” BUT “Viddyoze is the future of the videos”. This software will help you to always aim for the “WOW” factor for your videos. Just like my favourite and inspiration graphic designer said: 

 “There are three responses to a piece of design-yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” _ Milton Glaser

 I am very thankful to Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain; brains behind this exclusive software which came into being in 2018.

World easiest Automation Tool Viddyoze

Viddyoze is the very first world easiest automation tool that makes a world-class video in just 3 Clicks. You read that right only 3 clicks are needed to deliver you with the most amazing video with outstanding animations. 

I have tried many other video software but none give splendid service than this one on the go. It is also a cloud-based software which means you don’t have to stick by with your desk to make videos. This feature for sure is a blessing for almost every nature of business you can name. 

Viddyoze will make you Professional Designer

Viddyoze will turn you into a professional designer even if you are lacking the skill set or any experience in video making. It also keeps you up with the latest trend going on. It is budget-friendly software but it doesn’t compromise with the quality of the videos.

 We can say that it is the revolutionary software that we all have been waiting for. This is the first huge step in the growth of the video marketing world after the ‘green screen’.  

Create a high-quality video

Its groundbreaking updates allow you to create a high-quality video from literally anywhere in the world. This software will give a new spark of life to the old dull videos with fantastic animations in just 3 clicks. 

 To grasp people’s attention your video should be a whole bundle of packages and this software will always be at your rescue. We all know quality content, clever sales implementation are all necessities but now a pro-standard video is a must it’s no longer a luxury. 

 Viddyoze not only facilitates you with grabbing audience attention but also helps you to maintain it. Getting attention is one thing but keeping that interest is what is going to convert and that is what you need Viddyoze for. 

 With Viddyoze I don’t have to brainstorm over animation software, their guidebooks. The increased number in referrals, increased click-through rate are just a few wonderful outcomes you can gain from it. 

 It is considered to be the most powerful marketing tool the world has ever seen because of its nature, wide range templates and styles. Now let’s talk about some breathtaking features of Viddyoze. Gorgeous branding, subtle watermarks, awesome audio, cloud computing are the features which shook the video marketing world.

 You can also use it if you are in the Video Marketing Agency or working for clients to do their work. This app allows you to create or edit animation videos online without any hassle. 

Advanced Features of Viddyoze:

The reason many entrepreneurs and businessmen hire such expensive designers is that they don’t have much time and set of skills to bring out cinematic scenes. This  3D animation software is very useful and effective. It helps its users to generate captivating promotional videos. I want to present you with its unique valuable key features which amazed me:

Easy to use: 

It only takes you 3 clicks to get a premium video about your brand.


there is nothing to download and no need to be desk-bound. It is 100% cloud-based which means you don’t need to download anything or any need for backup.

3D Professional animations done in 60 seconds: 

Without experiencing any complex software it allows you to generate high-quality videos animation within a few simple steps. 

Automated software: 

There is no need to do everything by yourself. With its outstanding performance and automated service, a top-notch video will be in your hands.

Customizable Animation Templates: 

It is packed with 800 astonishing templates, animations, transitions with a huge range of categories to choose from. You will feel like a pro filmmaker. 

Editable Templates from logo stringers, transitions, CTAs and many more: 

Like an expert animator you can create your intros, outros effortlessly. Your video will be ready within minutes without an ounce of tech skill or experience. 

Design your very own live-action animations: 

Without any difficulty, you can design your animations with pre-added cinematic shots.

Template Club: 

Honestly just being part of this club gives you access to many creative templates which itself is a huge benefit for us. The more the merrier.

Alpha Animations: 

Now, this exceptional feature allows you to create alpha animations which means you can play around with transparent lower thirds and onscreen video callouts on top videos. Bonus: Completely customizable and will be completed within a few minutes.


Its continuous weekly updates and improvements keep your business up to date. Always keep you updated with the latest trend going on in the market.

How to Play With Your Videos On Viddyoze:

The process is so simple that even newbies don’t need any guidelines to walk through it. Let me show you 4 effortless steps to make a video on Viddyoze. If you are more curious about How Do You Use Viddyoze then you can watch tutorials.

STEP 01: 

Now, this is fairly a difficult one because it’s really hard to choose one animation among the pool of wondrous animations Viddyoze has in its library; to be honest. Choose the animation that you prefer most.

Viddyoze Review - Full Auto Video Animation Software Viddyoze step 1

STEP 02:

You can customize the animation as you want. You can add your logo, tag line and so on here.

Viddyoze Review - Full Auto Video Animation Software Viddyoze step 2

STEP 03:

Go through the customized animation it is a preview in Viddyoze and makes changes if there is any need.

Viddyoze Review - Full Auto Video Animation Software Viddyoze step 3

STEP 04:

Press the Render video button and see the magic. Your video will be ready for download in a few minutes. Viddyoze generated videos are 100% compatible on all platforms, and all video editors.

Viddyoze Review - Full Auto Video Animation Software Viddyoze step 4


Different Ways You Can Use Viddyoze For:

There are unlimited ways you can use Viddyoze. It all depends on your need and your promotional marketing strategies. Viddyoze helps me a lot in gaining free web traffic and converts as well so I am listing down a few uses for you:

  1. Promotional videos on social media platforms
  2. Intros Videos for marketing and membership promotion
  3. You can fancy your emails with creative animated GIF
  4. Design fast and simple intro videos for youtube
  5. Sell any video/animation to your clients with the commercial license
  6. Upgrade your home video to the next level

List of People Who Must Have This Automated Animation Software Viddyoze:

This tool Viddyoze was designed especially for users to create captivating videos. Now that I have listed out Viddyoze fascinating features above, surely you are convinced of how epic this software is. Viddyoze is also capable of empowering any marketing project and campaign you can think of. Its ready-made video templates for any niche are surely collecting positive reviews from all around the web. As far as anybody is concerned this is the perfect tool so far for:

  1. Social Marketers
  2. Bloggers
  3. Product Vendors
  4. Newbies in Video Marketing offering stunning Video Services with not much skill set and experience
  5. New aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses who don’t have much budget for hiring expensive animation professionals. 
  6. Video Agencies who want to enhance their attractive live animations.

The Advancement Journey of Viddyoze:

Viddyoze in simple words is the great collection of animations, logo stingers, intros, outros, live-action animations, social media call to platforms animations & last but not least the lower thirds. Video in just 3 clicks with over 700 stunning templates and in the minimum possible time; all this didn’t happen overnight. Viddyoze evolved with time and its creators are still making it even more advanced tech for the video marketing world. Viddyoze has introduced a new era in a marketing agency. Viddyoze automated animation software alone can generate a huge amount of free web traffic for its users.

Viddyoze 1.0 (2015):

The very first version of Viddyoze broke the records on JVzoo the moment it was launched. September 2015 was the time when it came into the adverse competitive marketing world. But it became famous in no time because it was the quickest solution to many problems the video marketing universe was facing. 

This very first automated animation software freed us from the desk prison. 

Viddyoze 2.0 (2016):

After the successful launch of Viddyoze first version, its inventor released a new version after a year with the same technology but with an increased number of animations and templates. Alongside they also improved the Viddyoze interface a bit. 

Viddyoze 2.0 had more options on the plate for its users and even seamless transitions. 90 to be exact templates joined the family of Viddyoze. Lifetime subscription and one-time payment were offered as a bonus with it. Only $47 for personal use and $67 for commercial use. 

This version of Viddyoze came with another update called ‘Monthly Membership Club’ where the club members will get new templates every month. Imagine new templates being added to your control panel every single month. Sweet right! By far, competitors of Viddyoze automated software can not even come close to it. 

Viddyoze Live-Action (2017):

The development of Viddyoze didn’t stop there. Again after another year, a new version came to life Viddyoze Live-action. More advanced than the ones before. This version granted the opportunity to its users of rendering REAL-LIFE ANIMATIONS. These animations could easily cost you a fortune from the start to end. Not to mention how much time it is to film one. 

This particular step has levelled up the whole gameplay of video technology. Viddyoze live-action is loaded with many live-action animations with much more improved UI.

Viddyoze 3.0 (2019):

The team of Viddyoze then surprised us all with the next revolutionary version which shook the industry of video making. The team merged three different platforms into one. Now you can access personal, commercial and agency on one platform and that is Viddyoze 3.0. The team of Viddyoze also kept in mind not to over complicate things while presenting three platforms in one. This version of automated animation software Viddyoze creates profit-pulling videos for your business. 

Viddyoze personal and Viddyoze commercial both editions have the library of over 170 professional templates, access to Live-action Video Engine. The difference between both is the number of renders allowed per month and the video rights. Only 30 number of render videos are permissible per month in Viddyoze Personal. I find this number a bit limited because you literally can’t stop yourself from playing on this entertaining software. Whereas you can render as many videos as you want in Viddyoze Commercial. I highly recommend Viddyoze Commercial if you are planning to utilise this software in your business because of the usage rights that are given in it. 

Viddyoze Agency Edition is on a whole other level. This edition is for big marketing agencies and those freelancers who need premium editions with remarkable and unlimited features. Viddyoze Agency edition is full of forward-looking features, speed and support. Like I mentioned, a premium edition has a premium price to it. 

Due to its advanced animation technology, many large companies like DHL, Vodafone, Tesla, Verizon, Scania, Philips, and Sony couldn’t resist using Viddyoze 3.0. Incredible reliable, fast, developed and professional automated animation software the technology world has ever seen. 

The agency of Viddyoze won the hearts of its users by Viddyoze Commercial Edition which offers unlimited monthly renders, rights to use the rendered animations (including selling them). Allowing teams multiple simultaneous renders, client colour palettes, access to customization service, 10 Viddyoze Reseller accounts are the other magical features the team used to top the score. 3D animation is the biggest update done in this version.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Viddyoze:

A complete software review is not completed without discussing its pros and cons and like any other software Viddyoze too has its strength and weakness. Well, it’s a fact that there is ALWAYS a room for improvement in anything. 


Budget-friendly & Time Saving:

Viddyoze software changed the overlook of video animation technology overnight. I used to spend hours on aftereffects to try to make unique animations so that my videos would stand out among others. Not to forget all the time I spent on tutorials and the expenses of purchasing different software. Sure they do come in handy. I am just stating the fact that Viddyoze has made things so easy and reliable.   


I find it really because of it being cloud-based. I don’t have to be stuck with a desk and create my videos. Viddyoze lets you create a masterpiece anywhere you want. The only limitation is the availability of the internet. You also don’t have to worry about keeping a backup anymore. No download or setup required for accessing this video automation software.

No Skills or Experience Required:

Viddyoze is newbie-friendly software that even newcomers will understand its interface effortlessly. Its professional library of styled templates, real-life animations make you a professional designer yourself. No set of skills or experience required with the help of Viddyoze.

Co-operative Team:

The team of Viddyoze is always there to support and help you in any manner you’re stuck with. Which is highly doubtful because it’s very user friendly but still they are out there to help you anytime. 

Monthly Template Club:

You need to subscribe to it. Viddyoze’s team works hard to provide new templates every month for every niche. You have a wide range of options of templates and animations to choose from. Fairly a tough decision to make among all the gorgeous options.

Customizable Feature:

Viddyoze software surely won my heart over this. It allows you to edit almost every element in the real-life animation video according to your needs. This automation animated tool supports you to fully aim for your target audience. 


I won’t consider this a weakness but more of an update Viddyoze agency could add. I felt like there should be a share button after the rendering process. So we can share our ‘work of art’ easily on other social media platforms for greater exposure to web traffic.

Viddyoze Price Evaluation:

Viddyoze team have tried to share this amazing software with as many audiences as they can with their different pricing. 

Viddyoze Personal:

Viddyoze Personal is for only $47. It is idle for the startup business but you can always upgrade it to Viddyoze Commercial once your business starts to flourish. This Edition has a limited number of video renders per month which is 30; with 170+ professional animations and templates. It has a 30-day money return guarantee as well so there is nothing at risk for you in trying it out.

Viddyoze Commercial:

This edition of Viddyoze software cost $67. It has the same features and numbers of templates like Viddyoze Personal but it comes with an unlimited number of video renders with 30 days money-back guarantee. You can make spectacular, eye-catching videos non-stop. Another great feature of it is ‘Monthly Template Club’ which offers you new templates every single month. 

Viddyoze Agency:

This is a premium edition of Viddyoze software. With premium, I meant it cost $297/month or $6000/year. Viddyoze Agency edition has 14-day money-back guarantee rather than 30. multiple simultaneous renders, client colour palettes, access to customization service, 10 Viddyoze Reseller accounts are the key features of it that you can use, sell or give away.


I highly recommend Viddyoze. It’s definitely worth the money because in only 3 clicks you have a stunning, professional, film-like video in your hand in moments ready to go viral. Viddyoze Personal is good but goes for Viddyoze Commercial because of its unlimited numbers of rendering and new monthly additions. I am telling you you can’t stop yourself. It’s addictive so paying extra $20 is not a waste for your viral marketing videos.

Viddyoze agency is trustworthy and this software proved it’s worth by gaining 100,000 customers from around the world. I am inviting you to be a part of the Viddyoze family.

Do try it once even if you don’t feel the need of having Viddyoze you can always ask for a refund. Viddyoze does have this 30 days Money Back Guarantee on both editions. Although Viddyoze agency has a 14-day money-back guarantee. Have a look on their website and why not try Viddyoze, a chance which it surely deserves.

Hopefully, I manage to cover every single aspect of this wonder and also grateful that you stayed with me until the end of the story. If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to ask I will be happy to answer all of them. 

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