The Asigo System Review

Before we look at the Asigo System and my review let’s take a look at some of other very successful products Chris Munch has created. You’ll clearly see a pattern of success and high quality launches that always deliver more than other marketers. I’ve watched him develop over the last 10 years as I built my business, and along the way I bought some of his products and watched his growth.

Who is Chris Munch

Chris Munch – A Serial Digital Entrepreneur and the Brilliant Mind Behind MunchEye, Asigo System, and more
Chris Munch is one of the commonly heard names in the internet marketing world. He is a SaaS entrepreneur and viral content strategist who continues to make a positive impact on the world by helping you add value to your life through his products. He has a network of sites that generates over 30 million hits online. There may be many entrepreneurs like him today, but what sets him apart from the rest is his honesty. He practices what he preaches.

He founded a top-notch press release distribution company, software, and history releasing independent websites. It includes MunchEye, Asigo System, Ampifire, a done-for-you digital marketing software, 100k Shoutout program, which became popular among internet marketers and marketing students.

Inside Look At Chris Munch’s Products


Chris Munch launched MunchEye, a go-to-website for the latest product launches in internet marketing space. Vendors can list their product launches, and potential affiliates can gather all relevant information on the launch straight from the vendors. If you are the vendor, you can recruit affiliate partners, and at the same time, the affiliate can make money by promoting products they are interested in.


Chris is the founder and CEO of Ampifire, a content amplification platform. It automatically spreads and advertises your content or website across various websites around the internet. It gives you the chance to get more website traffic and attention towards your brand and business.


It is one of the most popular PR software on the planet. It helps business owners get more attention and traffic for their websites. Anyone can have the opportunity to spread their message and gain the attention they want. PressCable focuses on the PR aspects so that all businesses can have a chance to be noticed in the ever-competitive world of eCommerce.

What’s new?

Chris Munch has an upcoming product called the Asigo System which is set to launch this month. Below is the detailed review:

The Asigo System

It is a brand new system expected to go live on July 28 this year. It is a system that provides extraordinary success even for people with no digital marketing background. It uses a software called Ampifire to help you start and run an eCommerce business. Asigo will give you a “copy and paste” proven store, which will enable you to tap into the fastest-growing eServices industry. What Asigo offers is something that has never been offered before. It is a brand new opportunity to have your eStore where you can quickly put your brand on. The Asigo System promises you to get more traffic, generate more sales, and achieve a higher level of success.

Let us dig deeper into this new system:

The AsigoSystem is an application tool and a training program co-founded by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. If you are a digital marketing or eCommerce business, it is worth attending this training course. The scheduled pre-launch is on July 23, and the cart officially opens on July 28 and closes on August 6. Asigo System shows you the secret to generating $100,000 within a year through an automated e-store that markets a high ticket e-service. By attending the course, you get to create and manage your very own e-store.

What is inside the Asigo System?

  • A complete training course that contains step by step guide to starting your very own e-store business quickly.
  • It uses a software tool, Ampifire, which was also developed by Chris Munch. Ampifire automates all e-store services.
  • The course is backed by the leading names in the internet marketing world, such as Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.
  • It is a five-step system specially designed to help you generate high profit, as claimed, you can make $100,000 within the year using an automated online e-store.

Benefits of Asigo System program

  • The system is easy to do and fast to implement as it is fully automated.
  • It is ideal for both beginner and professional internet marketers.
  • With this system, you don’t need to depend on your suppliers to ship the products to your customers and import inventories.
  • You will be able to learn the digital marketing business straight from the pro.
  • You can easily set up e-stores and get rid of all the hurdles such as inventory, supplier, shipping, and traffic.
  • It helps you generate automated content. You can save time and money as you won’t need copywriters to frame out content for you.
  • You will be able to receive help, guidance, advice, and supervision from the industry’s experts.

Chris Munch is a well-known internet marketer. His success in the internet marketing world is rooted in his desire to help everyone thrive in this ever-growing business. He is an entrepreneur and a mentor who can make a massive impact on your success. If you want to achieve the same level of success, then choose Chris as your mentor.